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The Lady Vanishes : Intriguing

Aside from liking quotes, I also love movies. That’s why this very trending The Lady Vanishes quite stayed in my brain for a day already. I don’t understand what is this something that magnetizes me.

To give myself a favor this time, I try to search about it. According to a review “The Beeb more closely followed the original 1936 novel, The Wheel Spins, by Ethel Lina White, and had few plot similarities with the Hitchcock other than that a middle-aged lady – Miss Froy – is kidnapped on a train by dastardly foreigners and a rich pretty girl, Iris Carr, is the only one who notices the disappearance.”

According to Martin Edwards, “It’s quite a risk to re-make a Hitchcock classic, and only worth doing if you’re going to do it really well, and add something fresh. That was the test I set for the BBC version – and it passed with flying colours. The original has some wonderfully witty lines, and I do love the cricket fans Charters and Caldicott, who didn’t feature in the book or in this version, although they did feature in a so-so TV spin-off in the 80s. But despite a lack of humour in the script, the story was told with pace and panache, and the result was a thoroughly enjoyable piece of light entertainment. One of the more worth while remakes that I’ve seen in recent years.”

For me, taking risk with this type of business  would only give you two results. It’s either you’ll exceed to the first or get behind. After all, it’s going to be up to the eyes of the viewers. Some won’t like it and some will love it.



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