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Life without Music is nothing

life without music is nothing

life without music is nothing

The other day, I had the chance to watch a movie with my sister. Actually, I should have seen it long before but I got bored when I saw the first part. That’s why I let it pass but when my friends told me that it was a cool movie. I tried to finish watching it the other day with my sister. And, “Oh yeah!” It was definitely a worth watching movie.

The main character had this irresponsible personality but when fronted with the mission of saving someone’s job and music club. He was very focus to accomplish it. The main reason why he wants to save it is because he got inspired by the music teacher. It started when he saw the music teacher telling his students that, “life without music is nothing.”

By the time he accepted the challenge of saving the music club, he did not stop to find ways on how to save it although he does not have any backup plan on mind. Well, at first the goal is not really feasible but he did not stop. He keeps going on with the support of his friends and love interest, he finally won the battle.

Yes, it’s true that’s just a movie but if we look at it carefully we’ll see its reality to our lives. We got battles to win and all we need is support and motivation. We need that unique life music for us to stand and keep fighting then win the battle whatever the result may be.

Now, if you’re out of tune with your life endeavour; don’t give up! Keep fighting and you’ll realize that it’s worth fighting. If you’re a student today and fighting over the essay writing obstacles, I’d say keep writing!


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