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Fat Means Ugly: True or False?

To make sure that “weight loss” is really famous, I’ve searched online for that keyword. As expected, it is really famous since I got 500,000,000 results in return. The point is, there are many people looking for ways to get skinny nowadays. They hope to become sexy just like their idolized celebrity.

But why? I might be bias but I know most people always think that outside appearance matters. The first people affected to this are those who are labeled “fat” and they take this one seriously. The insecurity then comes in and they think they are ugly. The worst thing is it triggers them to fantasize that without labour and pain they will become skinny. That fantasy grows everyday because of the feeds of hundred or more online marketers whose main purpose is just to sell their products.

But for me, I don’t think being fat is ugly. Yes, there are pretty and skinny good looking ladies out there but some of them are not worth calling pretty or beautiful. Why? It’s because their attitudes are not good enough. They left their manners on their closet, I think. Fat is just a label and that does not make someone ugly. In short, “Fat Means Ugly” is false. However, that statement of mine should not be an excuse for us to become healthy.

I encourage everyone to strive to become healthy for a complete happiness.


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